Customer Service Stories – Bell

Hi all, this is a first post of its kind for me but one that I thought could be fun and interesting, add to that the fact that I always forget the details of these encounters so this will be a good way to have them documented if I ever need a refresher of what happened.  So who’s the lucky first target of this new series of blog posts? As the title implies, Bell Canada it is!

Contact #1 – Phone Support
The Issue:
I called Bell around 2 months ago to cancel my home phone, we never use it so why pay for it.
The Contact:
I was offered a deal by their retentions department that was good enough for me to keep the line.  I was offered 50% off on my phone line and 50% off on my internet for 12 months with the modem rental fee waved.  With that, my bill should have gone down more with keeping the line than it would have if I only disconnected the line.  Done deal.
The Outcome:

Had to speak with 2 reps, in the end I kept the phone line and looked forward to the savings.

Contact #2 – Tech Chat
The Issue:
I received my discount on the phone line but two months later I still didn’t receive the promised internet discounts.
The Contact:
This was my first time using the “chat with a tech” feature and it felt very cool, felt like the future :)  The first tech from the home phone department confirmed that no discount had been applied to my internet bill and had to transfer me to a tech from the internet department to look into it.  The chat transfer was smooth, again I loved the chat feature, not sure why I resisted this feature for so long.  The chat rep from the internet team said they cant apply promotional discounts on a chat and that I had to call tech support on the phone, he politely gave me the number and we parted ways.
The Outcome:
While the tech chat feature was a cool new adventure in technology the outcome was they could not do anything for me and unfortunately it was a complete waste of time.

Contact #3 – Phone Support
The Issue:
I called Tech support at the number provided by the rep in Contact #2.
The Contact:
First person I spoke to was from the Home Phone department, confirmed again that there was nothing applied to the internet account and told me that she would need to transfer me to an Internet rep.  Internet rep again confirmed that there was nothing added to the account and said he cant give me a promotion but can maybe find a better plan for me?  No thanks I said, I want the deal I was promised.  He couldn’t apply promotions so He would need to transfer me to the retentions department.  Retentions department said he could not see any offer like that to apply to my account as the plan I am on does not exist anymore.  Grrr!  I was just about to say I want my home phone canceled then but he cut in and said “wait, I see something we can do here”.  The offer, he offered me a 15 Mbit plan ( I’m currently on a 12) at half price for a year with modem rental fee waived.  Deal!  Turns out that my current modem won’t cut it (bull but whatever) so they need to send a tech on Monday.  Looks like I’ll be working from home on Monday.
The Outcome:
I was offered a plan that I was happy with, lets see if it actually works out like they said it would.

The Conclusion
I had to speak to 7 different reps in 3 contacts and I still need to work a day from home to see a tech but I got the deal I wanted, hopefully :)  Updates to follow if needed.

Total Contacts: 3
Total Reps: 7
Overall Rep Quality Rating:  4
out of 5 (higher = better reps)
My Frustration Level: 2 out of 5 (higher = more frustrated)

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Grocery Store Bullies

Sunday was a great day. Spent it with the family, we went to a BBQ and I got to watch Matty play with all the other kids which is something i rarely get to participate in, all good things. We even had Monday off for St Jean Baptist so on top of all the fun there was the promise of another day off. Perfect except, I would like to thank the crusty old ladies at Food Basic for bringing a little negativity into the day.

Here’s what happened. We were on our way home talking about what we were going to do for dinner when we realized that we didn’t have anything ready, we were then both hit with a craving for some hot dogs. Cool, let’s swing into the local Food Basic to grab that and some buns. Matty has been going through a “daddy” phase lately so I brought him into the store with me while Liz waited in the car. After two laps around the store to find them (worst store layout ever) I was off to the checkout, Matty in my left arm after being “all done” with sitting in the cart, that’s where it happened. There was a Filipino family (or at least that’s my guess, I’m pretty good at guessing this stuff) at the front of the line and two older White ladies with a teenage boy behind then, I was third in line. The two ladies in front of me were in a rage about the number of items that the Filipino family were checking out. You see, we were in the 16 items or less lane and they apparently had more. So there I am, watching the people in front of me verbally attack the people in front of them. Still assessing the situation I took a quick inventory of how many items they had and I realized that it was not a lot, if they went over 16 it could not have been by more than an item or two, maybe 3 but whatever. They may have been over and that’s a peeve of mine too but really not that big of a deal. Now my attention went back to one of the most despicable displays of human indecency that I have ever been witness to.

To the family in front of them: “You people disgust me!”
To the Cashier: “Why would you let these people do this!”
Back to the people in front of them: “What is wrong with you, cant you see the sign, this checkout is for 16 items or less!”

This went on for a good 30 seconds at which point I started to feel like I could take no more. Should I say something? Now let me pause here for a second to explain to you how I usually deal with situations like this, I usually shy away from the conflict. I just don’t want to get involved, I have learned as I’ve gotten older that I don’t like to feel the negative energy that comes with this type of thing, it feels like poison and if I let it in it will literally make me feel physically ill. Just wait it out and they will eventually go away. At this point the younger of the two women in front of me made an aggressive move to physically make a division with her arm between her items and the items of the family they were attacking, startling the lady they were bullying. Apparently they were not smart enough to use one of those conveyor belt dividers.

The younger Filipino lady then said “please let it go, can’t you see she isn’t saying anything to you” referring to what was probably her mom and the primary target of the assault. That’s when the line was crossed. “This is my country” the older of the two White ladies said. That’s the point where I started feeling that poison I mentioned earlier. They had involved me in the situation, replaced the positive vibes I had felt all day with a negativity that I could not ignore, I was angry.

I spoke up, “Excuse me, you need to stop bullying these people” The older lady then snapped at me with the same tone she had been using on the people in front of her and said “I’m not bullying them”. Now I’m boiling, I stopped caring that they were older than me, for a second I even forgot that I was holding my 2 year old boy that was probably taking all this in. I cut her off and this time said with my aggressive voice “Bullying is exactly what you are doing and I don’t want to hear it anymore, you need to let it go”. Everything then went kind of quiet for a moment that felt like forever. In the heat of moments like these I forget about how intimidating I can be, I am usually very aware of it and go out of my way to control my temper but when something like this happens I lose that control a little. My attention then went back to my boy who looked at me with a concerned stare and said “whats dat” in the cute way that he says that. I said to him “It’s okay buddy” with my comforting daddy voice, still feeling a little shaky as a result of the anger they had created in me, a little regret then began to set in.

Interestingly the ladies aggression turned to what seemed like regret on her part as well, all of a sudden she seemed nicer. “I’m sorry” she said, “I’m not usually that mean”. That surprised me, it was obviously fake kindness, you don’t go from being a racist bitter angry old lady to being a nice person in a matter of 3 seconds. She followed that up with a “You’re boy is very cute”. I gave her a fake smile of my own, said thank you and waited for them to pay for their items. The cashier thanked me for saying what I said but that did little to make me feel better because at the end of the day my son had now seen a side of me that I wish he never had to see.

I’ve been replaying the event in my head since then, was it the wrong thing to do? Should I have just kept my mouth shut? My actions were far from heroic, looking at the variables I was clearly never in any danger, our safety was not at risk. Would I have done the same thing if it was a family of men my size? I want to say I would have but with a higher potential for physical danger I may not have done what I did with my boy in my arms. All things considered I still feel like it was the right thing to do but was it a bad for my boy to witness at such a young age? Will he remember it as the day daddy got angry at people in front of us or will it be a lesson in sticking up for someone that is being bullied? Maybe he will forget the whole thing by this time next week and I’m once again over analyzing. I feel like something in me just snapped, with all the stories you hear about bullying and the fact that I will one day have a little guy entering the world, I couldn’t let that kind of injustice happen right in front of us.

To My boy, I’m sorry you saw me get angry but Daddy did what he felt in that moment was the right thing to do. Don’t be the bully, be the guy that stands up to the bully.

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Lets Bring This Place Back

It’s been a while!  I’ve been reading some blogs lately that were temporarily abandoned then brought back to life and all of them had the standard “I’ve been busy” post, I guess this is mine!  So where have I been, let the point form begin!

Where have I been…
I became a dad to a now 2 year old little boy.  He’s an awesome little guy and I love every second of being his dad but fatherhood sure did throw this blogger off his game :)

Where am I now…
I’ve also been pretty busy at work.  There have been a lot of changes in Government and I have made a few moves too, most recently becoming a member of the new Shared Services Canada initiative.  That’s kept things interesting around these parts but it’s been a lot of fun too.

And the future…
We have baby number two on the way, going to be adding a little girl to the family in October!  I’m very excited for that and maybe if this place is still going when that happens I’ll post a pic or something.

What about tech…
Well, I’m back in the Android world and loving it!  I bought a Galaxy Note, totally forgot how much fun it can be to mod and tweak one of these things.  Probably more posts on that soon.  I’m still coding iOS and now Android, kind of becoming a hobby thing but I did code something that I think is app store worthy, maybe more on that sometime soon too.

I’ll leave you with that for now, thanks for reading Nels, I think I pretty much write these for you.  Well, one or two others may have read it too; it’s mostly for me though :)

Later all

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Almost Bought an iPad

I’m not sure what exactly it was that came over me yesterday but I woke up determined to buy an iPad 2.  I decided that a 16 Gig WiFi only model would fully meet my needs and off I went.  By the end of the day I had gone to 4 stores and called the Apple store, plenty of 32 and 64 Gig versions and one 16 Gig 3G model but nobody has a 16 Gig WiFi version.  How long has the iPad 2 been out now, still no stock anywhere eh?  Turns out it was a good thing because as I was driving home I realized that I dont really need one.  So thank you Apple, your inability to keep up with the demand for your product has saved me almost $700.

That is all, have a great day!

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Screen Protectors

I have never used a case for any of my phones.  I’ve also never used a screen protector and I’ve never cared about scratches or dents.  In all honesty, I probably never kept a phone long enough for it to really matter, they were always replaced before getting to overly damaged.

My iPhone 4 has been in a bumper since day 1.  Maybe because its constructed from glass, maybe cause its a phone that i want to keep a while, not sure exactly why really but for some reason my iPhone 4 has always been protected.  Recently I’ve been getting bored of the bumper so I decided to go naked for a bit but I wanted a screen protector.  Lesson of the day, these things suck to put on!  Here’s the thing, make sure there is no dust AT ALL on the screen and if there is and it’s stuck under the film, too bad, LEAVE IT!  If you get a speck of dust under the protector and you cant live with it then scrap the protector and start over again because if you try to fix it you will only make it worse.

I think I want to get one of those full body shields for it, maybe I’ll film putting it on and YouTube it for fun, stay tuned!

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If you don't write it down it didnt really happen…